Body Repair in Weaver, AL

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You Can Count On Our Body Repair Services

Whether your car has been damaged due to a hailstorm or your car has sustained damages from a car collision, the experts at Cheek Automotive are able to help. We are able to offer body repair in Weaver, AL that can get your looking better than before. Our technicians can repair anything from hail damage, dings, and damages from car wrecks and collisions. We don’t just provide body repair services, we also offer helpful assistance throughout your car insurance claim. Call us at 256-770-9748 to learn more!

Repairing Car Collision and Wreck Damages

If you have recently been a car wreck or collision and are needing to repair the damage to your car, Cheek Automotive is here to help! By taking a look at your car, we can determine how extensive the damage is, and what kind of repairs will get it back in great shape. From major to minor damage, we have the tools and knowledge necessary to fix any type of car wreck or collision damage. You can give our office a call so that we can set up an appointment for body repair in Weaver, AL!

Providing Professional Hail Damage Repair

Hail damage has the ability to leave huge dents and dings all over your car. This type of damage not only looks pretty bad, but it can lower your car’s value. If you want your car to look like it did before, contact our technicians! We are able to remove dings and dents from your car, as well as repair paint that has been blemished. To get this type of body repair in Weaver, AL, contact us at 256-770-9748! With the use of innovative technology and methods, we can get your car back to factory condition.