Body Repair in Heflin, AL

A Picture of a Silver Infiniti.

Specializing in Body Repair

For car owners who are wanting to find an auto body shop who offers professional car repairs, look to the experts at Cheek Automotive. We can repair cars who have been damaged by hail damage or car wrecks. Our auto body shop has state-of-the-art tools and methods that we use to get cars looking better than before. On top of body repair in Heflin, AL, we also offer to help with your car insurance claims process. Dial 256-770-9748 to speak with one of our technicians today!

Car Wreck and Collision Repair Service

Does your car have minor or major damage because of a car wreck or collision? Bring your car into Cheek Automotive to get the best body repair in Heflin, AL. We are able to inspect your car’s damage and determine what type of repairs are needed. If there has been extensive damage done to the car or there are only a few dings, we can handle it! Our team has had the training needed to repair any type of damage your car has sustained. Whether your car has a lot of damage or just a bit, you can count on us for body repair services.

We Offer Ding and Hail Damage Repairs

No one wants to be in a situation where their car has been damaged by dings and hail damage. Not only can it leave the surface of your car all banged up, but it can affect the value of the car. Let Cheek Automotive help you by offering repairs for hail damage and dings. From repairing the paint on your car or removing huge dents, we go the extra mile to ensure your car is back to its factory condition. Contact us at 256-770-9748! We can set up an appointment time that is convenient for you.