Body Repair in Eastaboga, AL

A Picture of a Bright Blue Subaru.

Local Body Repair Specialists

Getting your car repaired for either hail damage or a collision can be a very stressful situation. Not only can finding a place be a struggle but knowing if they are qualified is also overwhelming. If you are looking for a local expert who can perform body repair in the Eastaboga, AL area, call the professionals at Cheek Automotive. We can handle anything from hail damage repair, car collision repair, and even help with your car insurance claims. Give us a call at 256-770-9748 to learn more about our company and services.

Repairs for Collisions and Wrecks

Are you looking for car wreck or collision repair for your car? Our technicians are here to perform quality repairs on cars who have sustained damage in a car wreck. If your damage is minor or major, there is no need to worry! We are able to work on any type of collision or wreck damage, no matter the extent of the damage. In addition to body repair in Eastaboga, AL, we can also work with your insurance provider concerning your car insurance claim. Contact us to get repairs today!

Call Us for Ding and Hail Damage Repair

Depending on the size of the hail and the force at which it falls from the sky, it can severely damage your car. Dings and dents from hail decrease the value of cars, so it’s important to get repairs in order to get the car back to factory condition. If there are little dings in your car or the paint has been ruined due to big dents, Cheek Automotive is ready to help you! Regardless of the scope of the damage, we have the technology and methods to get rid of hail dents and dings for good. Dial 256-770-9748 to speak with one of our team members now about scheduling an appointment!